Skateboarding Tips for Beginners Part 2

My first article was mostly about teaching the beginners how to get rolling on their skateboards, in this one I’m going to discuss some tips that will help you polish your skating skills.


Tick Tacking

Tick tacking really helps the beginners to develop more confident and enhances their comfort level on their skateboards. It is the best technique to boost up and maintain your speed while rolling when you don’t have enough space to push. Tick tacking boosts your speed by the exertion of force generated by your shifting body mass and is done by moving the tip of your skateboard from left to right and then carving it against the ground. To start tick tacking, you should apply a little weight to the front side of the board which will then raise its tip which is supposed to be pointed in the left direction. Right after changing the direction of the board you need to lean your body towards the right to shift your weight on the right side through your heel. When the front wheels will come back on the ground the focused weight on heels will cause the skateboard to move towards the right side. You are supposed to carve right the movement of the skateboard towards the front by applying force on your front heal which will give a boost to your rolling speed. Once the skateboard is straightened up and the nose of the skateboard lifted again it tends to move toward the right side this time like it did in the beginning of the first of this method. You’re supposed to lean left and eventually boost your speed doing this tick tacking technique.

Nosetalls and Fakie

A nosetall is a jump ended with the tip of your skateboard halted at the edge of a higher ground of some sort, a ledge for example. It can be your first step towards learning other tricks like an Ollie and or a fakie. To perform a nosetall you should try rolling towards a kerb at a moderate speed and just before you hit the kerb you need to reposition your front foot on the tip of the skateboard while applying your weight on the back side to lift the nose. Once the nose is over the edge, you shift your weight from back to the front side of the skateboard for an immediate halt. Your skateboard is supposed to be completely balanced and stalled with its tail hanging in the air. If you shift your weight back to the tail side of your skateboard, it will result in a backward rolling which in other words is called a fakie. While you’re rolling backward during your fakie you should start turning back from your shoulders, as your shoulders will rotate so will follow your hips and lower body and when the appropriate angular momentum reaches your legs, you need to focus on your weight on the tail of your skateboard to raise the tip of your skateboard to rotate your board in 180 degrees. It will take a lot of time to successfully executing a nosetall, roll back and then rotating your board to 180 degrees to straighten it up again, but once you’ll master it, you’ll feel really good of a skater.