How To Do An Awesome Kickflip

Any skateboard trick looks difficult until you have done it once yourself. Kickflips look difficult but using the right technique, you can build an understanding in minutes that it isn’t a hard trick to do. Is awesome trick is very similar to performing an Ollie and can be learned in no matter of time. Like ollying, the main concentration of the trick is on jumping and moving forward, just a little more than you would do while ollying.

The first thing to put into consideration is your foot positioning. To start off, you need to keep the heel of your front foot off the skateboard hence focusing your weight on your claw which will result in a nice and easy flip. Secondly, you have to crotch before you jump, like you do in ollying and remember the lower the crotch the higher will be the jump because of the rapid expansion of your leg muscles, and a higher jump will result in a more prominent and cooler flip. An important thing to remember when you jump is to jump forward off your back foot and stay above your skateboard to successfully land your Kickflip. Otherwise, the skateboard might move sideways, backwards or forward because of the slight hit your front foot would give the floating board. You should try and slightly flick the board for a faster spin which will immediately bring back the board to its position and hence make the landing easier and perfect.

The foot positioning discussed above will help you flick a little sideways which will come down to a perfect position after the flip of the skateboard. Never try kicking the skateboard downwards because it will results in your feet below the board which result in an impossible successful landing. You want to stay above the board at all times to make the Kickflip happen easily because flipping initiated by front foot will push the board in the forward direction if you wouldn’t stay above it.

In other words, the most important part of the trick is to stay above the board because otherwise the trick will only result in a funny landing which can also result in an injury. During the jump try and keep your back foot as high as you can which will let the skateboard rise better and then you can watch the flip happening and stop it when the board comes back to its initial position which is called Catching. All of the difficult stages are done and now you just have to land your skateboard down for the successful completion of this cool trick.

All of the pros out there on the streets had to go through practicing these basics perform a smooth and perfectly-timed flip. All you have to do is visualize how each movement is affecting your flip and then you can improvise your movements according to the situation. That being said; understand the relationship of your positioning and the three basic steps; jump, flip and land.