Skateboarding- My Eternal Love

olderskaterAs a kid, skateboarding was always a fun scenario for me. I would always spot out a skater out on the street or in the park and would enjoy watching him carelessly and confidently flowing with the wind. At that point, I could only imagine the thrill of this beautiful sport when I would see a skateboarder cutting through the crowd and disappear into another. I was finally able to convince my parents to get me a skateboard for myself when I got 13 and along came an enriching experience and memories of a life-time.

At first, I would just carry around my brand new Powell skateboard around the streets and watch the pros doing different tricks which would build up my confidence and reassured me that I can one day do all those awesome tricks too. I would spend hours with my other skateboarder friends sharing thoughts and ideas about our mutual interest. Discussing and sharing videos of our favorite skateboarding professionals was a priceless bonding experience for us. Over a short period of time, we all started to get a grip on what we were doing and were always looking for new challenges and tricks while skating around our town. We would float around the streets like a wolf-pack discovering new places and streets for the sole purpose of finding something new and exciting every day. I loved how the skateboard taught me how to carefully evaluate the movement of a specific crowd, traffic, and streets with different turns, for flowing through them with a confident precision. The feeling of thrill caused by the breeze of air flowing around my face and the joy of my friends’ company while skating around is one of the coolest experiences of my life, I still cherish today.

It all didn’t stop there, years later when we were in our teens, we would accompany each other to trips and discoveries of different skateboarding places around the world and met a lot of people from other countries and backgrounds sharing the mutual connection of this wonderful sport. A lot of my friends I know today are the ones, with whom I learned my craft of flowing around the streets on a board or the ones I met at a skating area.

I’m 41 years old today and I look back at my teenage years as a collection of amazing experiences and an accomplishment of what I wanted to do. I learned and mastered a craft that you can’t just be good at by applying cheat codes, I gathered real life experiences that cannot be felt and learned by sitting at your home and playing video games on your computer. When I see a kid skating by the street, it reassures me that the legacy of this beautiful sport will carry on from our generation to the other. Even though the life gets busier as the days go by, I still manage to get some time out of my busy schedule every now and then, to jump on my skateboard and cherish some old memories.

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